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This is the first of many garbagefiles. There is nothing of interest to see here. Nothing at all.

I may have lied…

At least, that's my hope - I could get philosophical about how the truth depends on if you find this of interest. There's a big beefy About page that talks at length about the point of garbagefile.xyz. A quick summary is that should be the kind of tech site that you find on a search engine while researching some specific problem that's bugged the hell out of you. Or maybe it was just something that you've thought about doing with your own tech, and wanted to see if there was a precedent. It should come with the added benefit of not being helmed by some tech/media concern with deep pockets, ulterior motives, and privacy concerns.

Most of the content will be coming out of one person (me, a.k.a. Dr. Skrzyk). I have been craving an outlet for my technical skills outside of a professional standpoint. I've been a tech lead, Sr. UNIX engineer, Tech Manager, tech writer, and guy-customers-and-suits-yelled-at. Now I want to do things that are interesting to me, solve the problems that come up while doing that, and write about it so the community can get timely help or be inspired to do their own things. We need to own and understand our technology. We live in the future your sci-fi authors warned you about.

To give a taste here's some of the “for the hell of it” projects I've been messing with. Look for more detailed write-ups in the future.

Raspberry Pi 4 as a daily driver

There is something fascinating about SoC and how inexpensive computing can truly be. I was able to build a system with a new Raspberry Pi 4 with 4gb of ram for nearly nothing, and cobble together existing hardware to make my primary workstation. This website and much of the software that has gone into its creation have been built on this machine.

FreeBSD 12 Immersion

In an effort to break patterns, I resurrected what I thought was a dead laptop (techonecromancy?) into a decent afterlife as a FreeBSD machine. It actually performs better than a slimmed up bare bones Debian 10, and handles some of the oddities of the hardware better.

For bonus points, I also put on i3wm. I spend enough time in tmux for shell “windowing”, so why not make my windowing look like my shell?

Emacs org mode with Rube Goldberg Sync

Not going to lie to you - emacs kind of drives me crazy after 20+ years of love/hate. I doubt I'll ever use it for configuration files or anything where I need to my business done without a lot of fuss. I thought this applied to my task tracking too as a former vimoutliner fanatic. That is, until I got Orgzly for my phone.

This turned into a rabbit hole of setting up davfs on my Raspberry Pi (see above), git hooks galore, and a repo managed on my desktops to create Frankenstein's GTD. I still have barely scratched the surface of what org can do without all my bolting-of-things.

The jury's still out on the overall system/workflow. I'm still shaking out problems. I'll be writing more when (if?) this becomes something that isn't so fiddly.

That's it for now…